Stealth Hippo has been around for over 9 years and 3 albums and a billion line up changes. One thing has stayed true: the band's love of performing and creating what we feel is the only real version of Progressive-Lounge that exists.


The Video Nasties create horror-drenched, synth-soaked aural nightmares that reflect our love of the Video Nasties and other horror and cult films of the 70s and 80s.


I shot, edited and produced (audio and video) a series of live shows to highlight the product. Both small intimate shows and larger full bands. We also began a series entitled 'Guitars and Growlers'. I was responsible for all audio and video aspects.

Fareed Haque, Tony Monaco and Greg Fundis performing the Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery classic, OGD, live at The Factory Stage. Fareed is playing through our tube amp prototype.
Gonazalo Teppa performing an original, solo composition for double bass entitled, "Pajarillo Cadencioso", during his trio performance at The Factor Stage at Henriksen Amplifiers. The double bass was run through a JazzAmp312.
A huge thanks to our good friend, Mark Mauldin, of Buckstein, for dropping by and playing his Mullen Pedal Steel through The Bud Amplifier.
Adam Miller and Sean McGowan performing Adam's original song, "Wrong Note Blues", live from The Factory Stage at Henriksen Amplifiers. Both Sean and Adam are playing through The Bud Amplifier.
We are proud to launch our first episode of Guitars and Growlers! This is a fun and informative Q&A/Demo type of program featuring two of our favorite things; Beer and Guitars.